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ROVSCO Snokote-CL Rovsco Snokote™ CL - Anti-Corrosive ROV Umbilical Lubricant Coat your ROV Umbilical with Snokote-CL .. Product #: Snokote-CL Regular price: $385.00 $385.00 Usually Ships in 1 Week


Product Code: Snokote-CL
Availability: Usually Ships in 1 Week

Price: $385.00

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Rovsco Snokote™ CL - Anti-Corrosive ROV Umbilical Lubricant
Specifically Formulated for Seawater Environment

'Extend the Life of your ROV Umbilical'™

Formulated specifically for Marine Ocean environment to prevent corrosion on ROV umbilical.

Since 1984 -
Snokote-CL has successfully protected ROV Umbilcals in the seawater environment against marine corrosion since 1984 for many operators. A brief list of our customers is as follows:

Snokote-CL Customers include:
US Navy
•   Canyon Offshore

Snokote-CL is safe to use & provides long-lasting protection: 
•   Non-Toxic**
•   Non-Flammable
•   Leaves no sheen on the seawater **
•   No VOCs
•   Will not harm marine life
•   Will not crack or peel-off
•   Will not run-off
•   Snokote-CL is Highly Resistant to Water Washout** in seawater environment.
  **In Water Washout Test with seawater at 8°C, 0% loss of of lubricant was recorded at Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, Texas

  ** A copy of the Water Washout Test, Toxicity Test, and Sheen Test are available at Rovsco and may be obtained thru email.

Extend the Life of your ROV Umbilical:
Through maintaining a regular schedule of lubricating with Snokote-CL, you can Extend the Life of an ROV Umbilical.

For Best Results with Snokote-CL use Rovsco Umbilical Lubricators and high pressure pumps available from Rovsco.

Comes in 5 Gallon (19 Liter) Metal or Plastic Pail

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