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ROVSCO is an International Supplier of Work-Class ROV Parts, Commercial Diving Equipment, AUV, Oil & Gas, Oceanographic, and Defense Equipment.

What really made us grow are these 5 core commitments


  • Fast & Competitive Quotes - Immediate Response to customer’s inquiries
  • Right Equipment - Full inspection to ensure correct parts & equipment before shipment
  • Expert Product Knowledge
  • Documentation for Shipment - to minimize any delay in shipping & customs
  • Dedicated Customer Service


We offer Door-to-Door Hand–Carry Service for those extremely urgent requirements.


Beginnings of Rovsco

We started out as a small company ‘ROV Supply Company’ in 1986, which was later renamed ‘Rovsco’. Having worked in the Oilfield, work-class ROV and Diving Industry, we have extensive knowledge and experience in the equipment used and understand the nature of this business.

Our Core Values



We apply the highest standards of excellence to the products we design, manufacture, & supply; and to the services we provide.

Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied customers are essential to our success. We will achieve total customer satisfaction by completely understanding what the customer wants, and we deliver it flawlessly within the time promised.


Act with integrity and honesty in our dealings.

Mutual Respect

Treat everyone with dignity and respect just as we would expect to be treated in return.

For our Employees

Provide a safe and productive environment in the company where the employees feel confident of their future, excel in their knowledge, and grow with the company.