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Kirby Morgan Kirby Morgan 47 KM Dive Helmet 47 w/ MWP.. Product #: 500-071 Usually Ships in 1 Week

Kirby Morgan 47

Brand: Kirby Morgan
Product Code: 500-071
Availability: Usually Ships in 1 Week
Call for Price: 1-281-858-6333

The Kirby Morgan 47 Features The High Performance, All Stainless Steel REX Regulator. The Kirby Morgan 47 consists of two major assemblies: like other "metal bottom" helmets, the helmet shell/helmet ring assembly and the neck dam/neck ring assembly. The chrome plated, machined brass helmet ring houses the latch catches and provides protection for the bottom end of the helmet. An internal, adjustable chin strap, along with the adjustable neck pad on the locking collar, gives the diver a secure, custom fit.

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