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Kirby Morgan Kirby Morgan SuperLite 17C SuperLite 17C Helmet w/Posts.. Product #: 500-599 Usually Ships in 1 Week

Kirby Morgan SuperLite 17C

Brand: Kirby Morgan
Product Code: 500-599
Availability: Usually Ships in 1 Week
Call for Price: 1-281-858-6333

For The Diver That Demands The Rigorously Tested, Best Selling Larger Shell Of The Kirby Morgan® 37 Coupled With The Versatility Of Mounting Brackets And Port Side Cheek Weight, The SuperLite® 17C Is The Ideal Fit. It features fiberglass and carbon fiber reinforced shell. The Quad-Valve™ exhaust system, which retrofits to most previous Kirby Morgan® Helmets, has less breathing resistance than the older single valve exhaust while providing an extremely dry hat. This system is recommended for diving in biologically contaminated water. Our SuperFlow® regulator is a proven design that provides excellent breathing characteristics over a wide range of depths.The SuperFlow® 350 is standard on this helmet. The Helmet Shell is hand laid up glass fiber reinforced thermal setting polyester (fiberglass) with carbon fiber reinforcement at key points for added durability. It is light and highly impact resistant, and provides a heat/cold barrier as well as being an excellent electrical nonconductor. Kirby Morgan® has over 50 years experience in composite laminations.

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