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ROVSCO RDC-430/P Rovsco RDC-430/P, Fixed Focus High Definition 1080-P Color Camera, Black Delrin Housing, Wide Angle,.. Product #: RDC-430/P Regular price: $1,084.05 $1,084.05 Usually Ships in 1 Week


Product Code: RDC-430/P
Availability: Usually Ships in 1 Week

Price: $1,084.05

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Rovsco RDC-430/P,  Fixed Focus High Definition 1080-P Color Camera, Black Delrin Housing, Wide Angle, Compact Size

The Rovsco Line of Underwater Video systems offer a complete range of highest quality underwater video cameras. They are built to withstand the harsh undersea environment and provide a flawless service for many years.
The Rovsco RDC-400/P is based on latest Sony CCD Technology and is packaged in Black Delrin housing with double O-Ring seals.

Standard Connector       4-Pin MCBH4M 
Mating Connector           LPIL4F
Locking Sleeve                  MCDLSF
Main Body Diameter: 1.30 inch (33 mm)
Front Diameter: 1.50 inch (38 mm)
Length: 5.0 inch (126 mm)
Housing: Black Delrin
Standard View Port:  Scratch Proof Sapphire 

•   316 Stainless Steel Housing  
•   Customer Requested Connector

Connector Interface:
Standard Connector   4-Pin MCBH4M 
Mating Connector      MCIL4F
Locking Sleeve           MCDLSF

Diameter: Main Body 1.25 inch (32 mm), Front: 1.5 in. (38 mm)
Length: 4.85 inch (123 mm)
Housing: Black Delrin
Front View Port: Sapphire
Weight in air: 9.0 oz (0.28 kG)
Weight in seawater: 3.0 oz (.085 kG)
Depth Rating: 2000 meter (6,560 ft)

Electrical & Optical

Image Sensor:  1/2.7 in. 2 MP CMOS (1933 H x 1088 V) Pixels
Sensitivity:   1.3 Lux at f2.0
Resolution:   1933 x 1088 Pixels
Focus: Fixed Focus, 4 inch to infinity
Lens: 3.6 mm, F2.0, E-Iris
FOV underwater: 72 degrees

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