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ROVSCO ROV Release Shackle Rovsco Quick Release Shackle for the Work-Class ROVs. Also known as ROV Friendly Shackle Easy to us.. Product #: ROV-QREL Usually Ships in 1 Week

ROV Release Shackle

Product Code: ROV-QREL
Availability: Usually Ships in 1 Week
Call for Price: 1-281-858-6333

Rovsco ROV Release Shackle, WLL 17 Ton - 400 Ton
Also known as ROV Friendly Shackle

Easy to use, No Nuts to Turn.

'Pull-N-Go™' and you are done.

Load Test

Each ROV Quick Release Shackle is Fully Tested for 2 x WLL (Work Load) before delivery. Original Certificate of Load Test is supplied at time of delivery.

Main Features:
•   Forged Alloy Shackle Bow with 6:1 safety design factor
•   Pull Tested & Certified for 2 x WLL before delivery
•   API RP 17H compliant 316 Stainless steel handles available in Model of your choice (Sold Separately)
•   Built in stainless steel slings included
•   Bow coated with API RP 17H compliant color
Many safety factors are incorporated in the design to prevent accidental release.
100% Success Rate

Rovsco ROV Release Shackles are Extensively used by some of the major ROV Operators

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