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ROVSCO Xtreme™ Lubricator Rovsco Xtreme™ Umbilical Lubricator 'Extend the Life of your ROV Umbilical' Main Features: •   Rugg.. Product #: Xtreme Usually Ships in 1 Week

Xtreme™ Lubricator

Product Code: Xtreme
Availability: Usually Ships in 1 Week

Rovsco Xtreme™ Umbilical Lubricator is designed to fully lubricate the armor wires of an ROV Umbilical. It must be used with correct seal-sets and high pressure lubricant pump. 

Correct Seal sets & Lubricant Pump must be purchased separately and are available from Rovsco.
The Extreme™ Umbilical Lubricators are used for lubricating new umbilicals before they go into operation, or to lubricate existing ROV Umbilicals in the field to keep them corrosion-free. The Lubricating process does not hinder or stop the ongoing ROV operation. The Lubricator can be installed, used, and removed without effecting the ROV operation.

For best results, maintain a regular lubricating schedule.

Main Features:
•   Rugged, made for offshore use
•   Accommodates a wide range of umbilical diameters, 4 mm -76 mm 
•   Enables Lubricant penetration into armor layers
•   Easy installation and Removal without hindering ROV operation

Seal Sets for your umbilical diameter must be ordered separately. Price of Lubricator does not include seal sets.

Specify your umbilical diameter for correct seal sets

Umbilical Diameter Range: 4 mm -76 mm
(Rovsco Lubricator requires a Seal Set for your specific umbilical Diameter and must be ordered separately)

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